Monday, December 20, 2010

Things I miss about Canada...the food edition!

This fall, while I was getting ready to move to Europe, one of the most common questions I was asked - besides 'are you crazy?' was 'what are you going to miss most about Canada?'

At the time, I didn't really have an answer besides the obvious one which is my family and friends and our tubby little fur ball Wembley - who I have missed terribly every single day. Hi mum, hi dad!

Just before we left and since we've been gone we've had several friends announce engagements and pregnancies and knowing that we are likely going to miss some of these weddings and the births or these beautiful babies is a hard pill to swallow. Thank god for Skype, which makes it all a little easier.

Now that I've been here almost two months, I've realized that I am starting to miss things and not suprisingly they all happen to be food!

So in no particular order, these are the things I would be eating if I were in Canada right now...


The french canadian in me is dying for a heaping helping of fries topped with cheese curds and smothered in delicious gravy. If anyone wants to send me a can of St. Hubert's poutine gravy sauce I will be forever indebted!
mmm delicious melty cheese curdy poutine goodness


A quintessential Canadian meal if ever there was one.  You can't ship a meal over here but you can help a girl out by sending her a packet of the chalet dipping sauce mix....send it along with the poutine gravy and you'll be a superstar in my books!
mmm chalet dipping sauce
And last but not least.....


We were spoiled in Toronto with a ton of yummy places to go for for delicious burritos.  England has a burrito chain called Bar Burrito, and while it satisfied a craving, it had nothing on my two favorites back in Toronto - Big Fat Burrito in Kensington and Quesada on King Street. I don't think a burrito would ship very well so if you're in Toronto please go and eat one and think of me!

Big Fat Burrito in Kensington

Quesada in King Street


  1. Some Irish girls on my trip told me about cheesy curry chips, so it's basically poutine, but instead of gravy it's curry sauce!! Maybe you can try that and it will be somewhat of a substitute for you?!?! Miss you! xx Michelle

  2. I miss you to Sarah, and of course James too. I will put together a care package of gravy, and the dipping sauce along with some good Canadian maple syrup. I will send right after Christmas. let me know if there is anything else you miss. Love mum. I had a Quesada on Saturday at the Feathery.

  3. okay seriously those are the top three things that i am missing about canada right now as well. thank goodness england is flush with hula hoops for me to eat.

  4. Michelle - thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try curry fries!

    Kirsten - one of the biggest things I miss about CBCF is it's close proximity to Quesada!

    Mum - a care package would be great, you're the best! Can we add Tim Horton's hot chocolate mix and President's Choice white cheddar macaroni and cheese to the list?!

    Faiza - I dropped the postcard I promised you in the post this afternoon so you should get it in a few days, barring any more snowstorms!