Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Canada - you can have your snow back!

Somehow, we managed to end up in England just as Mother Nature decides to pull a prank on the country and dump snow all over us!  I'm told that England does get snow, but not normally this much at a time or this early in the year...lucky me.

So far, football matches, flights and school have been cancelled this week...I wish three inches of snow were all it took to declare a day off in Canada!
While do admit that it's quite pretty, I've had just about enough of it and it can go back to Canada where it belongs.

The back garden covered in the white stuff

Oh how I wish I could be sitting at the patio table in warn sunny sun shine!

This afternoon, feeling bad for the birds at Bramhall Park who are freezing their little tail feathers off in this weather, we decided to bring them some food...

They know we have food!

These geese are greedy little buggers...they were the first to
come running when they spotted us and our bag of bread.
My feathered friends!

Bramhall Park


  1. Oh yikes! We've avoided the white stuff thus far but now that it's officially December, I have a constant fear that I'm going to wake up one morning very soon and it will be nothing but white everywhere!! And wow, you sure are attractive to birds.

  2. SNOW DAY! That feathered friends shot is a terrific!

  3. You've certainly got more snow than we have.Love the picture of you surrounded by birds! (By the way, those aren't swans - they're white geese...sorry to be nitpicky!!!)

  4. Rosemary - thanks for correcting us...we were actually debating if they were geese or not over dinner.

  5. You're totally a bird lady! That picture is great!