Monday, December 6, 2010

London town

A few week-ends ago James I took a trip down to London town.  It was the place where we first met and it was the first time we'd been back there together since our time at the castle.
We arrived Saturday morning and headed to my friend Katee's house where we were staying for the week-end to drop our bags. Katee is a friend from university who I hadn't seen since I graduated - it was so great to catch up and spend some time together!  Huge thank yous to Katee and her husband Tymon for hosting us - we can't wait to return the favour!

Saturday was spent wandering around the South Bank checking out a christmas market (Manchester's is better), the Tate Modern, taking in Covent Garden and it's array of street performers, admiring the christmas tree and lights in Trafalger Square and eating Pret a Manger sandwiches and millionaire shortbread. We also went back to the first place that James and I met - The Globe theatre. 

Saturday night we met up with an old high school friend Michelle and her husband Sean for dinner and then off to a birthday party for a friend of a friend.

In front of the Globe Theatre where it all began!

Ai WeiWei exhibit at the Tate Modern
Hand made porcelein sunflower seeds

Herman ze German - Our wurst is ze best!

Trafalger Square
Katee and I in Trafalger Square
James and I
Thankfully Tim Horton's is imported to the UK and the Sunday morning hangovers were thankfully cured with double doubles.
mmmm Timmy's

Sunday was spent wandering around checking out some more of the sights - Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Westminster, St James Park, Buckingham Place, more Pret a Manger sandwiches and meeting up with my step-brother Nathan for dinner before we headed back to Manchester!

Big Ben

Feeding the squirrels in St James Park
View of the London Eye

St James Park
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace


  1. looks like a great trip!!! jealous! xo

  2. Are you serious about those sunflower seeds? They are all handmade?!?! I must know more! Wow.

  3. Kirsten - I tell no lies about the sunflower seeds...they bring a whole new meaning to the word hand-crafted!

    You can read more abou the exhibit here: