Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Robbie Williams - my dream come true!

It all started yesterday morning when Irene heard a rumor on the radio that Robbie Williams might be making a special appearance that night at the panto - Pantos on Strike at the Opera House in Manchester. For an explanation of panto go here:

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been in love with Robbie Williams forever and it's perfect coincidence that I have moved to England just as he has reunited with Take That and they are going on tour. My dream of finally seeing Robbie live was potentially about to come true!

Matthew and I went straight to the gossip blogs to see if we could confirm this potentially amazing bit of news. The fact that he wrote a song for the show and he is good friends with one of the main actors led us to believe that this was a plausible rumour and we immediately bought tickets!

The rumours were confirmed shortly after we arrived at the theater when a lovely usher told us not worry, we would see Robbie tonight!!!!!!!!!!

We made our way to our seats and began speculating. We didn't have to wait long because all of a sudden there was screaming and wild camera flashes in the lower area of the theater. Robbie had entered the building and was now sitting in the same theater as us...OH MY GOD!!!!!!
The empty row is where Robbie was sitting

It wasn't until the very end of the show that Robbie made his appearance on stage but it was worth the wait to hear him sing Angels!

Beautiful man singing a beautiful song!
Enjoy.....and yes that is me shrieking at the top lungs in the background!

Did that really just happen???!!!!!
June 8th and the Take That/RobbieWiliams Tour cannot come soon enough!

Oh yeah...Ryan Giggs was there too!


  1. Ryan Giggs - my dream come true!

  2. Sarah you look extacic! Glad you were there.

    Aunt Edna