Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dixon Family History Tour

'The Dixon family history tour is waiting to take you away, waiting to take you away' (sung in the tune of the Magical Maystery James).

Last week James and Matthew took me on a tour of Manchester and the surrounding area which we dubbed 'The Dixon Family History Tour' or 'The Peter Dixon Experience'.

The tour included a stop at Grandma Dixon's former home in Urmston - also Peter's childhood home.

We also made at stop at Matthew's childhood home in Stockport (below).

Our next stop on the tour was a visit to Old Trafford aka 'Theater of Dreams'...Peter's mecca.  We made a return to Old Trafford on Saturday to catch a match...more on that soon!

And thats it for the family tour! 2 houses and a football ground!

After our tour around Old Trafford we finished with a rainy walking trip around Manchester City and a visit to Manchester Cathedral.

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  1. Very interesting (and nostalgic!). One question - who are the 3 footballers in the statue? And one comment - I hope there is still some vegetation in the backyard at Grandma Dixon's old house: the extension looks pretty good but there doesn't seem to be much growing in the front yard any more.