Monday, November 8, 2010

Being British

Since we've been here I've been doing my best to jump right in and embrace British culture.  Aside from discovering that I like prawn flavoured crisps, getting caught up on the current season of the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, and learning to pronounce Worcestershire sauce (that's a work in progress and will guarantee you a laugh if you ask me to try and say this), over the past week I have:

Hiked through the moorlands of Lyme Park Estate on the edge of the Peak district complete with rainy drizzle and deer!
Lyme Park and it's wildlife!

Tested our knowledge of British culture at pub quiz night...
Our team was lucky that James and I were there to answer questions about the Spice Girls and ice hockey! 

Neil and Matthew - fellow pub quiz team members!

And last but not least...been to one of my favorite places on earth.......

Hooray for England and Pret a Manger!


  1. Superb blogging skills, I only wonder as it takes off whether James will regret his reluctance to get involved! Keep it up fellow Brit, much love to the Mancunian supporter from across the pond. x

  2. How DO you pronounce Worcestershire? I have a sneaking feeling that I've been saying it all wrong. :-)

  3. Kirsten - according to the Brits that have been laughing at me phonetically it's pronounced woostesure.