Tuesday, March 22, 2011

London as a Local - Dalston Farm Shop

As we get to know this city we now call home, I thought I'd start a feature on the blog to highlight all of the interesting places and things we come across that you wouldn't necessarily see as part of 'Movie London' and the typical tourist attractions. It might be a great restaurant, a cool local business, a lovely outdoor space, a fun festival or market or anything that happens to catch our attention. I hope that if you ever find yourself in London Town that you'll check some of them out.

For the first installment of London As A Local I'd like to introduce you to the Dalston Farm Shop. Yes you read that right - it's a farm in a shop!

James and Katee and I came across this little gem a few week-ends ago and I just had to share. We popped into the shop while we were wandering through Dalston and got a tour of the space from one of the people working there.

The people behind the project have taken a run down shop space and have transformed it into an urban farm. They are raising and using the water from the fish tanks to fertilize the soil that they are using to grow a variety of herbs and lettuces hydroponically. 
The tilapia fish tanks in the front of the shop

Some of the herbs being grown
Fish aren't the only animals in the shop though - they are raising chickens on the roof who are laying eggs daily that are selling and soon there will be pigs in the back garden. You'll be able to buy 'shares' in the pigs which will eventually yield you some tasty tasty bacon!
The chicken coop on the roof
The Farm Shop a great way to repurpose an abandoned space, bring the community together and teach people about urban farming. It's showing people that you don't need acres of space to exercise your green thumb.

You can check out their website here

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