Monday, March 28, 2011

21 sleeps until moving day!

Less than a month until moving day and we're so excited to move into our new place and to start nesting and making it feel like home! After 10 months of living with family and what will be a month and a half of living on a friend's living room floor we are soooooo looking forward to having a space to call our own again! We're so grateful for having the family who is willing to put a roof over our heads and friends that don't mind having us as room- mates and we promise to pay it forward to the next person that needs our help.

While I'm twidling my thumbs waiting for my residency paperwork to be sorted out and approved so that I can start to look for work I've been dreaming up how I want to decorate our new place. Since we're living on one income and working with a tight budget (thank you London for being a redonkulously expensive city), we're going to be getting crafty and creative! 

We're lucky to be inheriting a ton of stuff from some our friends/current room-mates who are moving back to Canada in a few months including a ton of kitchen stuff and a mattress so we have a good start. Hooray for not having to sleep on a blow-up mattress! We also plan to bring back a bunch of stuff when we visit Canada in May - I can't wait too be reunited with our zester, my cake decorating tools and any other of our kitchen gadgets that I can stuff in my suitcase.

I think we've settled on 'DIY repurposed vintage' as our decor theme. That's my fancy designer speak for free/and or cheap second hand things. Between IKEA, Freecycle, Craigslist and Portobello Market we're hoping to find everything to furnish our home sweet home.
I've been searching the interwebs looking for pictures to create an 'Inspiration Board' and to make sure James and I are on the same page decorating-wise. Thanks to the Martha Stewart website for all the pretty pictures, great ideas and step by step instructions on how to make them happen! 

I plan on unleashing my inner DIY diva on this flat! I'll be posting pictures as we go sharing the trash that we turn into treasure and how my DIY attempts turn out. Here are some of the pictures I've collected for inspiration so far.

If anyone has any recommendations for good home decorating websites/blogs that inspire you, please share!


  1. How exciting! With all the charity shops in London, your home will be unique and yours in no time!

  2. oooh I forgot to add charity shops to my lists of places to find things! I was in an Oxfam store a few weeks ago and nearly walked out with most of the housewares section! I'll go back soon armed with a bag of hula hoops for sustinance!